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Just Warming Up


"Just Warming Up", from The Empty Fields uses surface temperature data to render what climate change sounds like. The GISS (Godard Institute for Space Studies - not too far from Code Owl Studios, The Earthly Frames' HQ) Surface Temperature data set contains monthly mean measurements dating back to 1880. To transform this data to sound, first, a Python script mapped the temperatures to a range of MIDI notes, while also creating drones for years and decades averages.

def step_average(sequence, step):


    Creates a shorter, average list of numbers based on the desired steps



        sequence: list

            List of integers or floats

        step: int

            The number of steps you wish to average. E.g. [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8] with a step of 4 would return [10,24]




            The stepped list result


    stepped_sequence = []

    step_sequence = []

    for sequence_number, sequence_item in enumerate(sequence, start=0):

        if sequence_number % step == 0 and sequence_number != 0:

            average = get_list_average(step_sequence)


            step_sequence = []


    return stepped_sequence


This MIDI was fed through analog and virtual instruments to create the track. You can find the source code here.

Open Jukebox


Open AI's Open Jukebox, primed with the first ten seconds of "Feel Better Soon" generates some pure weirdness. The third attempt, with spoken word, is particularly out there.

The Earthly Frames · Open Jukebox rethinks Feel Better Soon